Screw Back Earrings Ideas & Collections
Marigold Mustard Yellow Bakelite Double Ball Drop & Dangle Mid Century Modern Screw Back Statement Earrings
Titanium Silver Earrings, Ball Back Screw on Studs Pair, Hypoallergenic, Minimalist, Tragus, 3mm, 4mm, Pure Titanium, Silver Studs, Earrings
NEW ‣ Tiny 2.5mm/3mm 14K Solid Gold Labret Stud, Bezel Settting, 14k Solid Gold Internally Threaded Labret, 14K Gold Labret
18gauge Cherry Blossom Flower Internal Threaded Tragus earring, Flower earring, Tiny Flower Stud, Flower Labret, Flower lobe piercing
18 gauge Snake Screw Flat Back Tiny Snake Stud, Snake Earring, Tragus Snake, Dainty Snake Piercing, Snake Cartilage, Gold Snake Earring
Dagger Piercing, Dagger Stud Earrings, Dagger Tragus, Dagger Stud, Mini Dagger Earrings, Dagger Cartilage Earring, Dagger Jewelry
Retro Coro Pink Rose Earrings in Guilloché Enameled Flowers & Leaves on Screw-back Backing - Vintage 40's Designer Costume Jewelry
LEE816 10k or 14k Gold 3/4" Delicate 3D Name Earrings
Small gold hoop Greek inspired earrings, historical jewelry, wedding bridesmaid gifts,Christmas gift, Christmas Jewellery
Enamel Rabbit and Carrot Screwback Earrings, 14k Solid Yellow Gold, Baby Girls Children Earrings
10K Solid Gold piercing/Triangle Piercing/Helix piercing/cartilage earring/Tragus piercing /Delicate ear piercing/Daith piercing/Conch
16g Implant titanium high grade professional jewelry, helix, conch, pinner tragus bar Cluster opal crystal piercing
14K REAL Solid Gold Sphere Ball Round Screwback Stud Earrings Cartilage Daith Helix Tragus Conch Rook Snug Ear Post Stud Piercing Jewelry
14K White .72 Carat Gold Chocolate Diamond Stud Earrings
Silver Bud EARRING Pair, hand carved deadly nightshade flower bud earrings, floral jewelry, botanical earrings, nature inspired, handmade
Round gemstone earrings, Bridal earrings, Opalite earrings, Round silver earrings, Sparkle earrings, Gemstone earrings, Gift for women
Vintage Seahorse Earrings Marked BAU Sterling c.1950
Plain Bar sterling silver screw flat back Tragus Earring,Cartilage earring,Tragus Piercing Bar, Bar earring,Helix Earring,conch earring
Vintage Opal Flower Sterling silver SCREW flat back Cartilage earring, Conch earring, Helix earring, Lobe piercing, Flower stud
Diamond Crescent Moon Earring, Half Moon Stud Earrings, Medusa Piercing Jewelry, Moon Tragus Earring, Moon Cartilage Earring, Half Moon
14K Triagnle Cubic Labret Piercing,Cartilage earring,Tragus earring,Helix piercing,Tragus piercing,Flat back,Earring,16g 18g,Tragus stud
May.2019-New Color!!!---Single Φ10mm (0.40in) Screwed Pressure Earring for Keloid Scars - Handmade in JAPAN
Red garnet earrings, Silver drop earrings, Garnet silver earrings, Garnet earring for women, Drop jewelry, Garnet jewelry, Red drop earring
14K Solid Gold piercing/Leaf Piercing/Cartilage earring/Tragus piercing/Cartilage piercing/Piercing/Helix Conch/Daith piercing/CZ Piercing
Very Tiny CZ Flower piercing, Tragus earring, Dainty earring, Tiny earring, Cartilage earring, Tragus piercing, CZ stud, Helix piercing
Antique Edwardian Silver Feather Earrings Screw Back Style
Authentic 1920s Vintage Gold Gilt Art Deco YELLOW RHINESTONE Screw Back Earrings - bronze/gold tone patina - gatsby WEDDING - Flapper gift
Flower cz barbell stud - 9ct gold - silver - stud earring - rose gold - white gold - flower - helix - cartilage - conch - tragus -I3SB-0732
Morganite Screw Back Studs, Platinum or 14k Gold Screw Back Earrings with Morganite, White Gold or Yellow Gold Screwbacks - 3mm
14K Gold Rough Diamond Cartilage earring 2mm,Tragus earring/Helix Conch earring,Diamond earring, Dainty gold earring,Cartilage piercing,Stud
Plain Skull Screwback Earrings, 14k Solid Yellow Gold, Baby Girls Children Women Earrings
Elegant earings in pink,white and purpule colores made with polymer clay and with Swarovski crystals.
14k solid yellow gold 8 - 7 - 6 - 5mm natural black Onyx stud screw back earrings
Mexico Silver ~ Vintage Frog Screw Back Earrings in Repousse with Natural Purple Amethyst Eyes c. 1940's
14K Solid Yellow Button Earrings Screw Back Non Pierced Vintage Estate Nearly 5 Grams Signed CORRECT D&B Dolan and Bullock Wedding
Art Deco Pin Earrings Unique Leaf Earrings Brooch Hand Made Sterling Silver 1920s Earrings 1930s Earrings 1940s Earrings R3230
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