Mint Clear green Crystal stud, Mint Halo earrings, Bridal earrings, Mint earrings, Mint bridal earrings, sea foam earrings, clear Mint stud
Elf ear cuff gunmetal and turquoise wire wrapped by Ianira on Etsy, €12.00
Silver Ear Cuff Pair PETALS & LEAF Asymmetrical Sterling Silver Ear Cuffs
Ear cuff
Ear cuff... Ocean's whisper... Silver wire wrapped ear cuff with white shell beads.
Steampunk Croissant ear cuff
Ear cuff, more at
Rhea Ear-Wrap
Silver Star Ear Cuff
Cartilage cuff, Earlum, Ear cuff, NO PIERCINGS needed ear cuff
Sterling Silver Handcrafted Feather Textured Genuine pearl Ear Cuff Cartilage/catchless/helix
Flutter By Me Ear Cuff
Pair of Beautiful Copper Faerie Ears with glass flower accents and Light Aventurine chips, Elf Ear Cuffs, Fairy, Renaissance, Elven
Pink and gold wire ear cuff with crystals and sparkles
Ear cuff... Whimsical... silver wire wrapped ear cuff.
Autumn wire wrapped ear cuff
Golden Ocean Pearl Ear Wrap MERMAID Brass by SunnySkiesStudio, $48.95
Double Spiral Ear cuff in wire wrapped aluminium. (wire wrapping aluminum) Choose your color.
Pierced Snake Ear Cuff-Silver
Simple and Elegant Pair of Elf Ear Cuffs, Faerie Ear Wraps, Silver, Fairy, Elven, Renaissance
LĂșthien Elf Ears, LOTR Elf Ears, Elf Earrings, Fantasy Earrings, no piercing earrings, wire ear cuff, elf ear wrap, Cosplay jewelry
Custom silver elf ears
Ear Cuff... Ivy ear cuff wire wrapped and hammered in sterling silver.
No Piercing "Crystal Double Up" Ear Cuff for Cartilage Helix Handmade 1 Cuff Color Choices
Sting Ray Nautical Ear Cuff
Warrior ear cuff // wow. #jewelry_design
Bow Ear Cuff, Choose your Color
Copper and Crystal Ear Cuff
#theLIST: Holiday Accessories That Sparkle
Cartilage Ear Cuff (gold) No Piercing Required
Octopus Ear Cuff Silver - Kraken Ear Cuff Octopus Jewelry Kraken Jewelry - Tentacle Earring Tentacle Jewelry - Steampunk Ear Cuff
So Bright - Feather ear cuff gypsy jewelry fae wire wrap festival wear
Ear Cuff Gold Filled Cartilage Non Pierced Round Beads
Ear Cuff Silver Ear Wrap Swirl Small Ear Cuff Wire Wrapped
Shadow dancer... tribal feather ear cuff
ButterFae Earcuffs (in Sterling Silver Wire)
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