Double Spiral Ear cuff with butterfly in wire wrapped aluminium. (wire wrapping aluminum) Choose your color of aluminium.
Elven Forest Ear Cuff
Viburnum Cuff
Star Ear Cuff Bronze Starburst Ear Cuff Star Jewelry Snowflake Jewelry Non-Pierced Earring
Dangling ear wrap pair,over the ear wrap, no piercing needed
Bat Ear Cuff Silver - Bat Ear Wrap - Silver Ear Cuff - Bat Jewelry - Non Pierced Earring Non Pierced Ear Cuff
Leaf Ear wrap. Cartilage Earring cuffs. Fashion cuffs, Silver ear wrap, Unisex GIfts, Steampunk, helix jewelry
Treble Clef Abstract Ear Cuff Non Pierced
Elaborate Elven Ear Wrap in Copper Pearl & by alyssblackapparel, $55.00 At Alyss Black Apparel We Specialize in Custom Costuming for all occasions, like Labyrinth of Jareth, Burning Man, Myth, Anime
No Piercing Sterling Silver Handmade Helix Cuff Ear Cuff "Spiral Up" Swirls
Agrippina Hoops
Silver Moonstone Ear Wrap - MOONFLOWER EAR CUFF - Handcrafted 925 Sterling Earcuff
Elven ear cuffs Purple Joy
Butterfly in Flight - Ear Cuff - Sterling Silver
DRAGON ear cuff clip "GLOW in the DARK
I saw this and instantly thought "Hard core cochlear implant" oh kayla...i kn...
Bat Ear Cuff Silver - Bat Ear Wrap - Silver Ear Cuff - Bat Jewelry - Non Pierced Earring Non Pierced Ear Cuff
Red Glass and Hematite Colored Wire Wrapped Goth Fairy Ear Cuff / Ear Wrap - One of a kind - Left ear only
Glass Pearl ear cuffs
No Piercing "Curling Ivy" Cartilage Ear Cuff for Upper Ear Helix 1 Cuff COLOR CHOICES Wedding, Prom, Quinceanera
Elven ears, ear cuffs Terminal frost
Man Ear Cuff - Sterling Sillver
31 Daintiest Dainty Things That Ever Happened
Ear Cuff Pair, Simple curved design Ear wrap pair Choice of Colors
Mermaid Ear Wrap Bronze - Mermaid Ear Cuff - Siren - Mermaid Jewelry - Mermaid Earring Elf Ear Cuff Bronze Ear Cuff Ear Wrap
CUSTOM FOR FAITH. awake. a tribal feathered ear cuff. 'made to order'
Simple. Sterling. Silver. Leaf. Earrings.
Laurel leaf ear cuff, Sterling Silver earrings, clip earcuff jewelry, Left, Right, Pair
Ear Cuff, Multi Loop, Cage Ear Cuff, No Pierce Ear Wrap, Helix Cuff, Upper Helix Jewelry, Cartilage Accessory, Cartilage Jewelry
Dragon Ear Wrap Dragon Ear Cuff Bronze Guardian Dragon Ear Wrap Dragon Jewelry Non-Pierced Earring
Frog Ear Wrap - Frog Ear Cuff - Bronze Curious Frog Ear Wrap - Frog Jewelry - Non-pierced Earring
Ear Cuff - Steampunk Octopus- Sterling Silver - SINGLE SIDE
Left/ Right Ear Cartilage Cuff Celtic Clover or Klee Leaves - Gold Color. Shamrocks, no piercing jewellery
Gold Leaves Ear Pin, Yellow Gold Matte, Leaves Ear Sweep, Minimalist Ear Cuff, Nature, Modern Jewelry, Hand made, Mothers Day Gift, EC009N
Sterling Leaf EAR CUFF - TENDRILS - Silver Spiral Handcrafted Ear Wrap Earwear 925
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